Good idea is just a beginning...

Smart Innovation Management

About Us

It's not a problem to came up with a good idea. Real question is: Can You make it happened? Do You have resources and skills? Can You get all that You need and combine it to work. Can You prove it? We can help answer those questions and fill in the blanks...

Our experts have experience in evaluation of commercial and industrial projects. We also have experience in scientific and research projects also with additional international (Horizon 2020 Programme and previous Framework Programs of the European Commission, European Space Agency ESA Programmes) and national (NCBR) funding.

Our experts were participating as engineers, team leaders, project and portfolio managers in many High-Tech collaborations. They have experience not only in evaluating and reviewing but they were active participants in many projects of that sort (especially UAV and UGV, space, mobile robotics, industrial robotics and automation, security and defense etc.). They know exactly the path that leads from brilliant idea to the final, innovative product.

Our experts collaborate with global leaders in their fields such as: Airbus, BEA, DIEHL, DLR, RUAG. On the other hand they have great experience helping smaller companies (SME) and startups to build their successful products.

  • Space Electronics
  • Aviation
  • Avionics
  • Industrial Robotics
  • Navigation Systems
  • Navigation



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